• Stewart and Jean Gilchrist. Erskine, Scotland

    "We are grateful for all the help, advice and assistance that you provided during the process of finding and purchasing our new home in Florida and this process went so smoothly that we want to formally thank you and everyone at American Homes.

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    "We are grateful for all the help, advice and assistance that you provided during the process of finding and purchasing our new home in Florida and this process went so smoothly that we want to formally thank you and everyone at American Homes.

    We have spent many years on holiday in Florida and during that time we have thought about buying a property of our own but we were not impressed with our experiences due to the attitude of the people we were dealing with.

    We also visited one of the many UK exhibitions promoting holiday homes overseas and immediately became uncomfortable with the pressure coming from the salesperson and also the many repeated phone calls we received over a lengthy period of time always trying to get us to go over on an exploratory visit but always unable to answer our questions. We always felt that they were pushing particular developments and did not have a broad range of options to show us.

    We were introduced to American Homes by Brian Marsden who runs the UK arm of the company and whom we met by chance on holiday. Brian made a good impression on us and we felt for the first time that we had found a company that we would be comfortable in dealing with.

    Similarly right from the first moment we spoke to Patrick at American Homes in Florida we felt at ease and never felt rushed or in any way pressurised into making decisions. Patrick took great care in listening to our wishes, specification, location and financial parameters for our dream home and then through his own research provided us with a wide variety of homes and communities to visit.

    We visited numerous properties and were able to form our own impression of the market and available homes both new and re-sales. With great patience and answering a wide range of questions (not always about purchasing a home!) Patrick guided us over a period of time through the property maze and we often had to re-visit properties to clarify our interest in them.

    We gained a lot of confidence and insight into the property market and owning a property in Florida through Patrick's experience in property management. It is our view that American Homes provides the ideal combination of an experienced realtor with an experienced property manager thus helping prospective property buyers to make informed decisions about perhaps the most important investment decision they will ever make.

    The support from Patrick, Celine and the rest of the staff at American Homes is not limited to just identifying property and offering advice on purchasing. We always found a cheery welcome from Celine and the staff and a willingness to make phone calls on our behalf and giving advice based on her own local knowledge and experience. This very often had nothing directly to do with property purchase but helped us deal with the many varying issues that can arise with any trip overseas. These personal touches are a major contribution to making a potential stressful process seem all the more enjoyable and stress free.

    Whilst the whole process of purchasing a home is not overly complicated there are so many issues to be dealt with. It was great to have Patrick and American Homes at our side all the way through. Patrick was a great support through the negotiations with the seller, arranging banking and if necessary finance for the purchase. He also guided us through the "closing process", put us in touch with a lawyer, financial advisor, and insurance consultant and also worked with us and the builder to ensure that agreed "snagging" was completed to a satisfactory standard.

    Another major part of property purchase is to furnish your new home to your standard and again Patrick and American Homes were at our side. Patrick arranged a visit to a showroom and we were able to complete the major part of our furniture requirements before returning to the UK. Again Patrick's support did not finish there and he continued to work on our behalf liaising with the furniture supplier.

    American Homes also helped organise on our behalf other purchases we needed for our new home whilst we were still in the UK and this reduced the amount of time we needed to spend on these activities when we went back to Florida.

    The service from Patrick, Celine and American Homes just goes on and on. After our purchase was complete there are many other things to be done and again American Homes was at our side. They advised and arranged on a number of issues including electric, water, telephone and broadband connection. They arranged for electrical alterations, security alarms installation, computer set up and also sorted some pool issues.

    Patrick, Celine, Brian (in UK) and the staff at American Homes have delivered a service second to none and made the whole process of buying and managing an overseas property to be seamless and straightforward because of their support and guidance.

    American Homes delivers a complete rounded service taking an interest in all aspects of the purchase process and extending into the property management requirements thus ensuring the best deal for the purchaser.

    Speaking to American Homes about any issue is just like asking a friend or neighbour for some help and advice and what better feeling could anyone have especially when you are thousands of miles away and need good local help to resolve any problem you may have.

    We have no hesitation in recommending American Homes as an excellent organisation to support anyone with the purchase and management of property in Florida.

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  • Pauline & Arthur Durrington, Sharon & Colin Booth, Manchester.

    "We have always holidayed in Florida and have always wanted to be part of the Floridian lifestyle and so decided to start the process of purchasing a property in Florida.

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    "We have always holidayed in Florida and have always wanted to be part of the Floridian lifestyle and so decided to start the process of purchasing a property in Florida.

    We initially started with a Real estate agent in Florida but we were not made aware of just how difficult the road to purchasing a property was going to be. As closing on this property was nearing and when we had our closing date, we decided to go to the States for the big day. Unfortunately just 24 hours before we should get the keys and already in Florida, we were given the news out of the blue that closing would not take place. We still had hurdles that needed overcoming. This to us was incomprehensible and a huge disappointment at such a late stage.

    Fortunately before all six members of our group had arrived in Florida we had been recommended to American Homes by a relative of ours and after a brief chat with Brian Marsden in the UK we had decided to work with American Homes for the Management of this original property. We went to visit the American Homes office in Florida and met Patrick & Celine Walsh and we have to say that we were all very impressed.

    We were impressed because Celine & Patrick made us so very welcome. We sat down and asked Patrick so many of our questions; these were answered honestly at no charge or obligation to ourselves. We decided enough was enough and drastic action was needed. We decided to pull out of the original deal as we still had problems with the people we were buying through and decided on an alternative new build property on the Orange Tree development with Patrick from American Homes acting on our behalf as our Realtor / Buying Agent.

    Patrick and the staff at the Florida office arranged the deal and paperwork needed and overcame all the obstacles for us. I.e.; snagging like you would in UK, liaisons with the closing company, our furniture company and then all the utility services that need to be dealt with, enrolment for tax in the USA and arrangements to make a will etc. Within weeks we had taken possession of our dream Florida home without any of the problems we encountered previously.

    We have also had a couple of further meetings with Brian Marsden the UK Director. He has been so very helpful. Time is irrelevant. If you need to talk for 4 hours, 4 hours it is and that is any time of the day. Any questions will be answered honestly and some great everyday Floridian tips are always on hand from Brian."

    "Now we have our new property we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to Brian, Patrick & Celine from American Homes for all the hard work. You have all been fantastic, helped us through all the different aspects of buying the property and if anybody is thinking of buying in Florida or needs a Management Company please contact American Homes because I can assure you will not regret it."

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  • John & Audrey Deighton, Burnley, Lancashire

    "American Homes has managed our villa since we purchased it in 2002. They have always been reliable, nothing has been too much trouble and our guests have regularly commented on their helpfulness. We consider the Management & Staff of American Homes as friends and we look on them as part of our family."

  • Gail & Mike Ashton, Royton Lancashire

    "We had never considered renting a private villa as we always thought it would be out of our price range, something that the rich and famous did. To find out it can actually be cheaper to rent a private villa with its own swimming pool, than it would be to rent a room in a hotel, really was an eye opener.

    American Homes just made everything so easy and hassle free. We would never go back to a hotel having seen the difference renting a villa can make not only to the quality of the holiday but also to the cost."

  • Anne Bardsley & Bill Kinsey, Manchester

    "I have taken my family to Florida three times now, each time booking with American Homes. Personally I wouldn't go with anyone else. We also book our Car Hire through them, we previously have been one of the unfortunate many who has had a bad experience with hidden Car Hire charges when arriving at Orlando airport. We were hit with a huge charge for airport and security taxes despite believing we were fully covered before leaving the UK. Not the best way to start our holiday.

    Not any more, since booking through American Homes we know exactly where we are with the Car Hire and the Villa and we don't get caught out with any hidden costs. The staff are great and just make everything so easy for you."

  • Byrom Family, Glossop, Cheshire

    "Having decided to explore the possibility of purchasing a villa to either rent or use as a private holiday home within the central Florida area, we researched and found American Homes. They proved to be a company with a number of years experience of assisting potential buyers to purchase properties off plan which was the direction we had decided to go in. American Homes provided all the necessary information, advice, and a point of contact both within the USA and the UK right through every single step of the process, from visiting potential sites to handing over the keys on completion.

    American Homes also now provide us with a professional after-sales service through their villa Vacation Rentals programme and Property Management service. All our needs are now catered for in terms of garden care, pool maintenance and the management of our utility bills, as well as supplying us with Rental Bookings which supplements our own efforts.

    Our own activity in the rentals market and the bookings we receive from American Homes have gone a long way to covering the running costs of our home and our efforts have been rewarded with very good equity growth."

  • Baker Family, Stockport, Cheshire

    "We would all like to thank you, thought the house was fantastic, we will certainly be going there again"

  • Bent Family, Leicester, West Midlands

    "We had a fantastic time, the villa was superb and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the pool. Couldn't get them out! I will be recommending you to other friends as it was ideal for the parks, it was SO EASY!"

  • Marsh Family, Warrington, Cheshire

    "The villa is fantastic!"

  • Laforce Family, Holliston Massachusetts

    "This place was so relaxing and really enjoyed our stay we are booking for next year!"

  • Mattison Family Manchester

    "villa was great, and the pool a great place to cool down!"

  • Scholes Family, Saddleworth, Lancashire

    "Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to helping us have the holiday of a lifetime!"

  • Struch Family, Fremont, Wisconsin

    "We would love to come back and stay again!"

  • Walker Family, Rossendale, Lancs

    "Had a fantastic time, villa was first class, Can't find a single fault"

  • Webster Family, Heywood, Lancashire

    "Villa was gorgeous, can't wait to come back next year!"